You really do sound like a wonderful caring man (2004)

for soprano and orchestra
Text from

Reading in May 2004, by Elaine Niu, soprano; UW Chamber Orchestra, conducted by David Becker

This aria was written when I was an undergrad, to be an aria from a chamber opera inspired by an email correspondence ¬†published online, between a scammer from Nigeria and an anti-scammer from Britain. The project sat in the bottom of my manuscript pile until two years ago–who’d think it’ll now become my doctoral dissertation?

The soprano is singing in the role of Ethel Wormvarnish, a hot female supermodel avatar created by a British guy with the idea in mind to stall the Nigerian scammer from committing legit money. This aria takes place early on in the story: Ethel, after receiving an email full of incredulous lies about the Nigerian scammer’s father, decides to convey her fancy for African men, and laments the fact that the scammer is already married.

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