Crane Songs (2008)

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Text by Stephen Crane (1871-1900)?for baritone and piano

Premiere: March 28, 2008 in Madison WI by Ryan Thorn, baritone; Addy Stoiber, piano

  1. Mystic shadow
  2. I saw a man
  3. A youth
  4. There was One I met upon the road
  5. Truth
  6. I stood upon a high place

Stephen Crane is known for The Red Badge of Courage, but these poems are selected from his first collection of poems The Black Riders, in which Crane shared more of his own thoughts and world views. These songs settings are at times silly, dipping into a sense of cabaret tradition in the demand for theatricality, while at times pensive and serious.

(duration: ca 10:00)

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