Six moments of contemplation (2006)

for solo piano pno
in 6 movements attacca
ca 7 minutes

Premiere: April 28th, 2006 by Shaunna Eberhard; Eugene OR

  1. softly, like a droplet of water starting a ripple in a pond at night
  2. lightly, as the moonlight splashed on the porch
  3. like a dark storm, approaching
  4. solemnly, an uncontrollable anger about to break out
  5. like a dash of sunlight after rain
  6. dreamy, as if hypnotized

Life is like a stream of events, flowing continuously in time. Time, however, is unyielding; it does not stop for any landscape that it passes, bright or dark, joyous or grave. And yet, our mind and our soul are ever-nostalgic. They always fight against the stream, wanting the unwantable — to linger, or to hasten, amidst an unforgiving current.

This piece, though divided into six separate moments, is essentially a stream of consciousness. It is the scaffold of a soundscape, in which the player constantly creates, meditates, and recreates. Attention should be given to the slightest change of timbre, and most of all, to silence.

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