Sparrow (2009)

for three sopranos (or SSA chorus) and piano
ca 4 minutes
written for the Wisconsin Art Song Project collaboration project


  • Premiere: May 6th, 2009 by Megan Gryga, Jessica Warmington, and Jennifer Sams, sopranos; Jeff Gibbens, piano; Madison WI
  • March 27th, 2010; Manhattan KS, as part of Society of Composers Inc Region VI Conference 2010

Mystery is everywhere as you look and ponder. The world is marvelous to imagine if you were to see the same place on a map, as a sparrow, or as your own self: no one image is definitely, yet all is true. As part of the Wisconsin Art Song Project’s collaboration, I wrote this setting on a poem by Lisa Kundrat, a poet from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The voices, sibyl-like, intones the text as a way to paint the serenity of a lake that is being meditated upon.

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