Pastorale (田園詩集) (2006-2008)

for SATB chorus
ca 7 minutes
in 4 movements

Text: Wang Wei, Meng Hao-ran, Liu Fang-ping, and Tu Fu
Translation: Jerry Hui
Sung in Mandarin

Premiere: Nov 24th, 2008 by Bridget Duffy and Katie Krill, sopranos; Caroline Moore, alto; Ryan Veillet, tenor; Jerry Hui, baritone; Lee Stovall, bass


  • March 23rd, 2009 by UW-Madison Concert Choir, conducted by Beverly Taylor; Kimratshofen, Germany
  • March 24th, 2009 by UW-Madison Concert Choir, conducted by Beverly Taylor; Freiburg, Germany

鹿柴 (王維) Lu-chai by Wang Wei (701-761)


There is no one in sight.
But I think I hear voices…
Sunray at dusk enters the grove,
where the green moss gleams.

春曉 (孟浩然)Spring Dawn by Meng Hao-ran (689-740)


Spring dawn, I know not if I am awake;
Birds are resounding everywhere.
I remember hearing wind and rain last night:
How many blossoms had fallen?

月夜 (劉方平) Moon Night by Liu Fang-ping (fl. 7??)



When the moon has colored half the house,
When the North Star is high and the South Star low,
I can already feel the warm spring air that is tomorrow,
As the fresh song of insects seeps through my green-silk window.

月夜憶合弟 (杜甫) War drums/Remembering my brother in the moonlit night by Tu Fu (712-770)





War drums sound, stopping the travelers.
By the first autumn call from a wildgoose at the border,
He knows that the dews tonight will be frost.
…How much brighter the moon shines at home!
O my brothers, lost and scattered,
What is life to me without you?
Yet if missives in time of peace go wrong–
What can I hope for during war?

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