Wyoming Palette (2012)

Lichen found on the Brush Creek Ranch

for alto saxophone and piano
in at least 3 movements

ca 12 mins.

written for the Anhinga Duo: Jonathan Kuuskoski and Chris Dickhaus

Premiere: July 11th, 2012 by Chris Dickhaus (saxophone) and Jonathan Kuuskoski (piano) at the World Saxophone Conference; St. Andrews, Scotland


  • April 13, 2013, by Chris Dickhaus; Fort Worth, TX

Composed at the Brush Creek Artist Residency in Saratoga, Wyoming, USA, Wyoming Palette is inspired by the harsh landscape and dramatic color palette of the mountains. Just as in the wilderness one is free to go in any direction, so too can the performers choose their own journey in performing this piece. Each instrumental part, identified with a color, can be combined with more than one other instrumental part. Some parts can even be performed as a solo. By recombining and reordering “colors”, the performers can put together many different renditions of Wyoming Palette.

Recording of the premiere performance:
Yellow on Pink
Orange on Blue

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