Filatim (2009)

for 3 oboes, English horn, 3 bassoons, contrabassoon 3 ob, En hn, 3 bsn, C bsn
in 5 movements
ca 12 mintues

Premiere: April 7th, 2010 by Heidi Hess, Matt Butterfield, Becka Dora, oboes; Alana Henkel, English horn; Brian Ellingboe, Florin Loghin, Sergio Acosta, bassoons; Dave Wells, contrabassoon; Jerry Hui, conductor; Madison WI

Filatim: first run

Filatim: second run

Aleatoric processes, improvisation, and a general disintegration of a unified sense of time have long been used in musical compositions, but there is yet a satisfactory and systematic method as to its notation and execution.
My short piece “Filatim” (meaning “thread by thread” in Latin), written for double reed octet, is an experiment in achieving a notational system and an information protocol that will enable chamber ensemble of a larger scale to perform/improvise within a musical environment that mixes strict-tempi and aleatoric elements, under an organized fashion, with or without a conductor.
This piece is written for double reed octet, and was performed twice on my DMA lecture-recital.
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