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UW Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

UW Contemporary Chamber Ensemble’s concert braved Madison’s first blizzard night with a selection of fine music, all delivered in high caliber. First half presented Gubaidulina’s “Quasi hoquetus” for viola, bassoon and piano; Takemitsu’s “Masque” for two flutes; and Victoria Bond’s “Woven” for two violins. “Quasi hoquetus” was enimatic and engaging. The piano opened the piece with rapid repeated notes, which were continued by viola harmonics double stops, disguising as the piano’s odd resonance. This idea was referred to, suggested at, and expanded upon throughout the Continue reading →

UW Composition recital

Last night’s composition area recital featured 5 pieces that covered a broad spectrum of styles. Nate Bartlett‘s star_birth for solo percussion opened the concert with its exciting raw energy. The set up included a mix of timbres such as tam-tams, Chinese opera gongs, woodblocks, tuned toms, etc. Most of the piece for me has to do though not of the interaction of these timbres–which were often grouped into like instruments and organized as such–but the resonance that each phrase creates. There was always some sound Continue reading →