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Watch your language

Image via Wikipedia Do you have a favorite language to sing in, or compose for? I recently received a commission from a good friend to write a short sacred piece. Now that we have finally settled on Psalm 150–who doesn’t love the exciting praises with every instrument?–I set off right away to study the text in ye olde trusty King James Version. The more I read it though, the less I feel connected with it artistically. Here it is in KJV: 1Praise ye the LORD. Continue reading → Continue reading →

On Wisconsin!

A retro-blog: The University of Wisconsin-Madison was celebrating the 100th birthday of its fight song “On Wisconsin!” I was invited to write an official a cappella arrangement of the tune, and UW Concert Choir gave it an exhilarating premiere on November 13, 2009, conducted by Beverly Taylor. Besides a live performance, the University has also prepared ample amount of activities and material related to this jovial celebration. For example, they’ve put together an archive; you can learn more than you want to know about the Continue reading →