So… There are many many good reasons you may want to contact me. Here are some:

  • Composing: I am always happy to write music that suits particular needs/styles/desires of a performer (or an ensemble), or for specific ocassions — or if you simply would like to enjoy being a modern duke or dutchess as a good patron of music. Contact me for project ideas and pricing (if you are cool maybe I’ll do it for free!).
  • Conducting: Experience in directing choirs of various levels, as well as chamber instrumental groups. Specialized in Early music (late Renaissance – Baroque) and contemporary music. Glad to conduct premieres and go where no conductors have gone before. Again, if you are cool maybe I’ll conduct for a beer or five.
  • Singing: Bass/Baritone (D2 – F4), Countertenor (G3 – Bb5). Contact me for more info.
  • Madrigal coaching: Specialized in Early music (late Renaissance – Baroque) madrigal singing. Your good ol’ Fa-la-las and more.
  • Engraving: Input score from manuscripts to Finale format. Can provide PDFs as well. Current price: $25/hour.
  • Website design/consulting: 3+ years of working experience in website designs and web programming (in ASP,, JavaScript, DHtml). Price varies. Sample site: [this site!] [HK Young People’s Chorus] [Museko] [Eliza’s Toyes]

If I may be of any of the above services for you, please do not hesistate to contact me at jerryhui [at]

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