Happy Holidays 2013!

Dear friends and family, I hope this message finds you well! This year has been an adventurous one for me; thanks to the love and support from so many of you, I made it! A recap: 1. I finished one year of the MS program in computer science at Madison. That gives me time to understand this comic: …while creating crazy projects like a immersive virtual-reality haunted house: 2. I finished working part-time for a nice healthcare software company for a year. Here are some Continue reading →

Soon to be 1/1/11.

It’s been another fun year! As the last few hours of 2010 slip by, I can’t help but look back and enjoy all that’s happened. We composers don’t socialize… I haven’t written too many pieces this year, but for what I’ve done I really liked. HK Young People’s Chorus’ commission of “Salmo 150” was a really fun project in which I could exercise those Renaissance counterpoint muscles, while I get to go wild on “Song for Nobody” for Ambrosia Ensemble. Continue reading →