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UW Composition recital

Last night’s composition area recital featured 5 pieces that covered a broad spectrum of styles. Nate Bartlett‘s star_birth for solo percussion opened the concert with its exciting raw energy. The set up included a mix of timbres such as tam-tams, Chinese opera gongs, woodblocks, tuned toms, etc. Most of the piece for me has to do though not of the interaction of these timbres–which were often grouped into like instruments and organized as such–but the resonance that each phrase creates. There was always some sound Continue reading →

On Wisconsin!

A retro-blog: The University of Wisconsin-Madison was celebrating the 100th birthday of its fight song “On Wisconsin!” I was invited to write an official a cappella arrangement of the tune, and UW Concert Choir gave it an exhilarating premiere on November 13, 2009, conducted by Beverly Taylor. Besides a live performance, the University has also prepared ample amount of activities and material related to this jovial celebration. For example, they’ve put together an archive; you can learn more than you want to know about the Continue reading →

Gimme, gimme that gorgeous “Modern Millie”

Capital Times, 08/16/2008 [original] Kenneth George nearly steals the show of “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” and he isn’t even in the cast. The third year MFA Scene Design major at UW-Madison has created a sweeping, striking set in the Wisconsin Union Theatre, inspired by art deco and meticulous in every detail. A performance on such a stage could seem like an afterthought. Delightfully, when the company appears onstage they do not disappoint for a moment, clad in Rebecca Sites’s beautiful costumes and tapping as fast as Continue reading →