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Documentary “East Meets West” airs on CGN (Dalles, OR)

While feeling the afternoon lull, I received a wonderful message from Haley Lovett, an old friend from Oregon who co-directed a documentary titled “East Meets West: Life and Legacy of Gertrude Bass Werner,” for which I composed the soundtrack. It will be aired Saturday night at 7pm (Pacific Time). If you are not in the broadcast area, you can always visit the live video stream online at! And of course, if you are in Madison this evening, don’t miss your chance to see Peter Continue reading →


It’s been a wild month since I came back to the US! My opera dissertation project is half composed. Still working with Lisa on completing the libretto, but for now the composition work has been held to make way for… My lecture-recital on Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’ Eight Songs for a Mad King. Boy is this a wild ride! I’ve been spending last semester working on the vocal techniques off several recordings (including Roy Hart’s 1969 premiere recording). The ensemble began rehearsing at the end Continue reading →

HK, keep fighting

Seldom do I feel such passion and urgency for politics. I can still recall those memories: 1989, my family stayed up all night watching the horror in Tiananmen Square; 2003, a few international students and I marched in Madison, WI from the top of Bascom Hill into the Capital Building demanding the US government to not invade Iraq; 2008, watching Obama become the US president and his inauguration. For the first time, I am boiling inside for an issue that is right here at home. Continue reading →


I really should have studied some jazz harmonization and voice leading. Oh well, there’s always time for experimentation, right? A slightly different topic–but bearing just as much to this title–Hong Kong lately has been lacking on “harmony”, mainly by the issue on building the China Railway High-spped (CRH). As part of China’s new policy to step up to the rest of the developed world, there’s a fierce plan to build a high-speed rail system all over the country. While much of the construction has already Continue reading →

Writing opera in Hong Kong

I’ve been enjoying a few weeks’ stay at home in Hong Kong, away from the freezing weather of Wisconsin. While hanging out with my family is the utmost priority, I’m also hard[ly?] at work on my dissertation piece, which is a comic opera for four singers. With luck, I’ll be able to meet the March-15 deadline for the Graduate School, and perhaps the opera will receive a premiere reading some time in May. Titled “Wired for Love”, here’s the synopsis. Enjoy! Looking for his next Continue reading →