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Salmo 150 Recording

Now you can listen to the premiere performance of Salmo 150, sung by the Hong Kong Young People’s Chorus two weekends ago. Thank you singers, and thank you conductor Virginia Cheng for working with them! If you like the chorus, do check out their YouTube channel.

World Premiere: Salmo 150

Image via Wikipedia If you are in Hong Kong this weekend and if you are in the mood for choral music, please go to the concert of Hong Kong Young People’s Chorus! I’m honored that among many master pieces such as Durufl√©’s Requiem, my setting of Salmo 150 (Psalm 150 in Spanish) will be premiered. While the text is taken from the “Reina-Valera Antigua” translation from the 16th century, I draw much influence from the Spanish Renaissance masters as well. The result is a piece Continue reading →

Summer is here…

Ripley Originally uploaded by jellioso …and Ripley wants to get out! Even though I’m not travelling for the summer, there are plenty of exciting happenings here in Madison for me. 1) I’ll be working hard in finishing the libretto and the music for my opera, “Wired for Love”. 2) I’m working with Four Seasons Theatre once again, in the concert version of “South Pacific”–a small role, and helping out with music rehearsals when needed. 3) Madison Early Music Festival. Need I say more? 4) Singing Continue reading →

Watch your language

Image via Wikipedia Do you have a favorite language to sing in, or compose for? I recently received a commission from a good friend to write a short sacred piece. Now that we have finally settled on Psalm 150–who doesn’t love the exciting praises with every instrument?–I set off right away to study the text in ye olde trusty King James Version. The more I read it though, the less I feel connected with it artistically. Here it is in KJV: 1Praise ye the LORD. Continue reading → Continue reading →