Grisey “Prologue” (1976)

I was totally blown away by Grisey’s “Prologue” for solo viola. The entire fifteen minutes of the piece was gripping. Each moment seems to blossom from the previous one. I love how the viola began singing, ending the phrase with odd sounds or timbre. Gradually the odd timbre grows to subsume the melody. But this piece isn’t your usual battle of two extremes; in fact, the melodic and non-melodic aspects seem to co-exist smoothly, and complement each other very well. Without the interjecting non-melodic material, the middle section of the piece (5-6 minutes in) would not have become so nostalgic and serene. It is a study of context, created with soft-edged dichotomy.

On the other hand, I just finished a viola solo for Martina. Owing a bit to Grisey, unintentionally, perhaps? 😀

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